Empire Recruitment CV & Interview Preparation

CV & Interview Preparation

Getting started in your job search can be the most difficult thing to do – you have to make some major decisions. It can be easier when you are a graduate and want to get your foot on the first step of the corporate ladder.

Further, into your career, you tend to make the decision based on several factors; career progression, job security, work-life balance and location amongst others. Make sure that you carefully consider each variable before you start on your job search.

Empire can help you to be fully prepared in your job search. We offer careers advice, CV preparation advice and other services e.g. training in Manual Handling.

Get in touch today and we’ll help you on your journey to getting the right job for you.

Our Team

Empire Recruitment has a wealth of experience working with both multi-national and SME businesses across Ireland and the UK. We have the reach to place you in temporary, or permanent employment.

Our Sectors

We search through a wider net of potential candidates, saving you time and money; from a pool of both active and passive job seekers to target for your job vacancy.