Register with a Recruitment Company

We Are Hiring

Recruitment companies are there specifically to help you find a job – They already have the contacts so it makes sense to use them. Check if they appear on the general websites or if they have affiliations to professional institutes in your market. If they do, then more than likely they will understand your market […]

Use Your Network


Talk to friends about the possibility of opportunities in their companies if they work in your target area. They may know of an ideal role for you! Look on LinkedIn for any contacts in your target market that you feel could be of benefit to you. You can also state on your profile that you’re […]

Internet Search

Young worker researching new jobs

Job sites – You can register on job sites for email alerts and also flag roles to suit your skills and experience. Hot Tip! Type in the job title that you want into a general search engine and see which job sites come up first. These are likely to have the best SEO ranking and […]

The News | Keep up-to-date!

Coffee and newspaper researching jobs

Read newspapers on a daily basis – Particularly the business and appointments pages. It is a good way to become familiar with the terminology used in job descriptions and you can tailor your CV accordingly. Read company announcements – Often they give details of new products, services and niche markets that may suit your skills. […]

Getting Started in Your Job Search

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There are several reasons why you may want to move a job; career progression, money, wanting more challenges or the opportunity to gain new skills. Whatever your reason, there are several ways to go about it. Getting started in your job search can be the most difficult thing to do – you have to make […]